Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Red-Headed Stepchild of the Buffet

Tonight at work we had food delivered from Pasta Pomodoro (we have a dinner party for 50-100 people once a month). One of the dishes was "Healthy Chicken Pasta." I knew just by looking at it that we'd have tons of it left over. And we did.

It was penne pasta with what seemed to be a very dry tomato sauce, and not much of the sauce. There was big chunks of zuchinni (and we all know I hate zuch.) and little bits of chicken. There were some green bits--but were they spinach? Basil? Watercress? I couldn't tell by aroma--there wasn't any.

I know this was dubbed a "Healthy" dish, but couldn't it have been made to look yummy, too? The "healthy" salmon looked good, as did the fagioli (white beans) and the insalata caprese. And the unhealthy shells with gorgonzola sauce was perfecto!

So, what I want to know the tomato-based pasta dish the red-headed stepchild of the buffet? What do you pass up or avoid altogether?


Mary deB said...

I am linking to your blog for Blog Day. It's funny how many moms of 9-yos have blogs...

Rosie said...

Ummmmmmm... on a buffet?
Fish...usually over done by the time you get to it

Most fried foods...they just sit in their grease and oooze

And of course - anything that looks nasty