Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter Menu

So here's the Easter Menu:

Strawberry bellinis
French 75s

Lamb with garlic & rosemary

Ham--have yet to decide how I will cook it

German potato salad--with bacon, olive oil, onions, etc.

Roasted asparagus with shaved parmesan

Green beans almondine

Colleen’s pasta salad--my Sister-in-law is bringing this


Angel food cake with lemon sorbet and fresh strawberries in sauce

Friday, April 02, 2010

Food Revolution

I've been hearing about this British guy Jamie who's trying to get us fat Americans to be healthier. Aw, jeeze. Aren't there enough bad British things and fat people for you to pick on over there--like blood pudding and curry chips and scotch eggs?

Well, I don't know if I've mentioned that I'm trying to create a food revolution in my own house. Never mind that three of us destroyed a bag of mini-eggs tonight.

A few years ago I hosted Easter. I don't really remember much of what I served, but I know I offered lamb. And probably mini-eggs, scotch eggs and curry chips. But not blood pudding. Ick.

This year I'm hosting Easter again. Now I'll probably serve lamb again, because there's just about nothing better...but it all depends on the price.

But what else? I've convinced my mother-in-law not to bring her mayo-drenched potato salad (she spends way too much time on it). Asparagus? Nice soup? Nicer potato salad? Fruit salad? Fennel something?

Maybe I'll go to the farmers market and find the fresh stuff. The big thing is that it can't be too much and I can't spend eons of time on it.