Saturday, August 14, 2010

Getting to 120

Those of you who follow my blog may have noticed that about a month ago the address changed to "" as did my Twitter handle. It's a constant reminder for me that even though I've lost a huge amount of weight I have a long journey ahead of me. As of this morning I've lost 70 pounds; I have just 50 more to go.

Some significant changes in the past 14 months:

1) I started as a size 22/24, depending on the cut of the clothing item, etc. I'm now at a regular 16 in tops and dresses, a 16W in pants. depends. I *did* get a 16 regular bathing suit but realized after seeing a picture of me in it that it's still a bit too small.

2) Inches lost. I've lost lots of inches. Over ten inches from my hips, seven from my bust, and six from my waist.

3) Different approach to food. Sure--today I did seriously consider getting donuts this morning after my Weight Watchers meeting. I was even in line at the bakery. My dad's voice ran through my head "fat pills!" and when I looked at them, my mouth didn't water. They didn't look yummy. They looked like the equivalent of a whole big healthy brunch...but with a stomach ache and lethargy afterwards. So I left, thrilled that it was such a happy revelation, such a change in habit.

For lunch today I had a delicious summer salad made with organic Candy Cane Beets and Golden Beets from Shooting Star CSA--a great place I'm lucky to live near. This is earthy, sweet, and tangy. It is summer on a plate!

Balsamic Beet & Orange Salad

One cup cold, cooked beets, quartered
One medium orange, segmented
One thin slice of red taste
1 tsp balsamic vinegar (or to taste)

Combine the ingredients on a plate, and enjoy. Serves one as a lunch; serves two as a side.

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i'm in town & trying to reach you - pls call? - JF