Saturday, May 22, 2010

Resolve and reduce

I've only lost 12 pounds since the beginning of the year. Twelve pounds, that's great! You might say. Yes, it's nothing to sneeze at, I agree. And I'm pleased with those 12 pounds. But if I'd been truly working at it, it would have been more. And since I still have at least 43 more pounds to go, if I lose at the 12-pounds-in-six-months rate, it will be another two years. And I'd like to be done with the "figuring it out" portion in a year. Or less. Oh, by Thanksgiving would be lovely. And then just years and years of maintenance--a whole new journey.

One of the things I've been doing that has slowed me down is that I have not been cooking. WHAT? It's true. I have not been enthused about cooking lately. We've been doing a lot of Mexican take-away---shocking that I'm not losing lots of weight when I'm eating beans, rice and chile rellenos...huh?

Last night my husband brought me a sheet of paper and asked, "Why aren't I losing weight?" He'd written down all he'd eaten that day, all he'd drank. I figure that he should be eating about 40 points a day if he wants to lose weight. With the extra weekly points spread out through the week, he could have about 45 points, and still lose.

So how many points did he have yesterday? By my calculation, approximately 80. That's probably an average day for him. And the majority of it was consumed after 5pm. When I was around, and could be feeding him. Oh good god. I'm killing him by not cooking for him.

So I resolve to cook. I'll cook to save my life. I'll cook to save my husband's life.

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