Sunday, April 22, 2007

Not a 50s Cocktail Party!

I have to come up with appetizers for an early 1950s cocktail party. Something that says elegant yet retro. Swank yet edible. My old cookbooks are filled with things like rumaki and tomato aspic. Stuff I really, really don't want to make. Last time I had to cook for this type of cocktail party I included "Angels on Horseback" which is a take on rumaki: smoked oysters wrapped in bacon & broiled.

Any suggestions?


Mary deB said...

salmon mousse and little bits of bread, or hey, that spinach dip in the bowl made of dark bread --unless that's too 80s...

Bon Vivant said...

If you want a really good, and guaranteed popular, retro appetizer, make pigs in a blanket with Pillsbury cresent roll dough and Oscar Meyer mini wieners.

If you just want something retro make cheesey ham roll ups stuffed with pimentos.