Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Blackbird's right

Okay. Quick post as I'm supposed to be at work, pushing paper around my desk. As I prepped The Baby's bottle at 2:32am I realized Blackbird is right. I hate my blog. I don't like the design; the dark background; the fact that it looks the same as everyone else who Bloggers. I looked at my photos and realize I'll never win awards, and seriously, I need to stop letting The Bug take the pictures...or at least I need to clean up the plates before the pictures are taken.

And I need to get back on my diet. I don't know when I fell off it, but I've been eating like Paula Deen cooks. I have five kinds of cheese in my fridge, three kinds of butter, and at least four items that have pork in them. I am bursting out of my clothes and will look the same in my bathing suit this summer as I did last...when I was pregnant.

I must stop dreaming of visions of pork fat and think spring: farmers' markets, local produce, and fresh fresh fresh!

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Dani said...

Just stopping by to giggle about your Long Island comment on BB's blog. :) You're right. Most of the natives wouldn't care what anyone thought! I'm actually a transplant (14 yrs. ago) originally from Connecticut. Believe me... The hair was just as big in CT in the 80's as I hear it was here on "The Island", LOL!

Thanks for the laugh!