Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Too much cholesterol

I learned to consume less sodium. More Calcium. More fiber. And now I'm battling cholesterol.

Through Dietwatch and my obsessive logging of everything I've been eating I've discovered I had NO CLUE what was in an egg. And all the crazy nooks and crannies that cholesterol can hide.

Have I really eaten the equivalent of an egg a day for the past five years? Is *that* how I packed it all on?? Here's a quick, fresh breakfast recipe for the egg lovers out there who want to keep living. Watch the fat the rest of the day though, because your avocado is just nature's butter.

Eggy Tortilla Taco

Heat a small cast iron skillet, spray lightly w/non-stick spray.
Saute 1/4 to 1/2 cups chopped green onions till fragrant (about one minute).
Add 1/4 cup Egg Beaters. On medium low, cover lightly so top sets.

In another cast iron skillet, heat a 10" tortilla. I prefer homemade or Guerrero's Fresqui Ricas (these are ones are are fresh and not fully cooked yet). If you can do whole wheat or low fat, go for it.

Open an avocado. Put the tortilla on a plate. Scoop the avocado onto the tortilla, slice several times on an angle with your spatula.

Slide the finished eggs onto the tortilla next to the avocado. Add seasonings, salt, pepper, to your taste.

Fold and eat!

(This is not low-fat, but it does have a lot of fiber and it's a nice weekend treat).

Total Fat

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