Monday, May 01, 2006

Waldorf Salad

Juiceboy has gone veggie on his annual summer-detox stint. I bought a trillion dollars worth of veggies and fruit yesterday and realized that I needed to use a bunch of it for dinner last night because it wouldn't all fit in the fridge!

Here's my version of the famous Waldorf Salad:
A bunch of organic spring mix (lettuce)
One bunch celery, chopped
Approximately 2 cups red seedless grapes, halved
One apple, cored and chopped (I like Pink Ladies but any firm apple will do)
1/2 cup cashews
One big spoonful light mayo
1/4 cup Litehouse Pommegranate Raspberry Vinegarette

Toss it all together, adjusting the dressing to your taste. My family likes more mayo, I like more vinegarette. Either way, this salad was a big hit.

Juiceboy said "This salad rocks!" and The Bug said, "Mom, can you make this salad every Sunday?"It definitely was a great main course salad!

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