Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Nearly a Year...and Fatter?

This does not bode well for this blog. My first post was nine months ago. I was supposedly determined to cook more healthy meals for my family. And through that, wouldn't you think I'd lose weight too?

But I'm fatter. And I think Juiceboy is too. Maybe for him it's been pints of Ben & Jerry's, maybe for me it's been wine and Croissanwiches. I definitely need to exercise more and control my portions. Cutting down fats is a big goal too.

We are eating more fiber, more fruits and vegetables, and less meat. In the past, I loved to make big meaty dinners on Saturday and Sunday nights, feasting on the leftovers throughout the week. This weekend we had much leaner fare, albeit non-vegetarian.

The "You'd Pay a Lot for This in a Fancy Restaurant Dinner" #1

Spinach and Cheese-stuffed Raviolis tossed with Fresh Asparagus, Shaved Garlic and Olive Oil.

Fresh British Columbia Clams steamed in a garlic-olive oil broth, garnished with minced parsley.

Hot garlic-studded Pugliese Bread.

I'd been shopping at Costco when I was hungry. The raviolis are fresh pasta and large-sized pieces. Five of them are a filling serving, especially when tossed with a pound of asparagus.

Question: they've created Beano to deal with gas. Has anyone come up with something to minimize asaparagus pee? Is there anything grosser than going into a bathroom after 10 people who've eaten asparagus?

The clams were also a Costco item. I definitely don't need five POUNDS of clams, but I don't have a fishmonger here to purchase fresh shellfish from. So Costco it is.

I steamed the clams with olive oil, white wine, garlic and chicken broth. I used the wrong kind of pot though and I felt they had a chlorinated taste to them. I was quite disappointed, but the Bug ate clams with gusto. DH abstained...he's not big on clams just for clams' sake--that's why I made the ravioli as well.

The best thing about the dinner? Leftovers! Watch for the delish clam chowder tomorrow.

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