Saturday, September 30, 2006

Food Fetish

I've changed the name of this blog from "Fleagirl's Fine Cooking" to "Food Fetish." The reason is simple:

1) As one correspondant told me, there's nothing fine about my cooking. And people just don't get sarcasm in a three-word title.

2) I think about food constantly. If I'm not eating, I'm thinking about my next meal, what I'm craving, how I'd cook something, how hard it would *be* to cook something, etc. And when I'm seriously dieting, I'm obsessed with food.

3) Leave me alone with the tv and I watch cooking shows. I read cookbooks, chef's manuals, cooking websites, restaurant reviews, and foodie blogs. The best cross-country drive I've had included a three-hour radio show got it, food. Please. The Williams Sonoma catalog came yesterday and I nearly swooned with lust.

Oh good lordy. If you don't get the WS catalog, click on the link at the right of this post and request one now. They sell linens, tableware, and cookware like all the others, but also fancy foods (prepared veal reduction in a jar, anyone?) and they include recipes.

And now I'm off to consider brunch. Juiceboy's away so the Bug and I went out last night (extremely disappointing Chinese buffet. Never go to a place with the word "Buffet" in the title.) and so I think we'll make our brunch at home. Maybe.

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Bon Vivant said...

I've noticed too that when I'm dieting I become obsessed with food - more than I normally am (and I'm pretty obsessed.)