Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Birthday Wishes

My birthday is coming up and I can't decide on what to do. It needs to be:

  1. something all three or four of us can enjoy (if I can't palm the baby off on family)
  2. not more than $100
  3. not crowded--Juiceboy hates a crowd
  4. no more than 50 minutes driving, so SF is in but Tahoe is out
  5. something where food or eating is involved...I think.
Some things I've been thinking about include a cheap lunch of sandwiches in a park and sending Fleagirl to a cooking class; a nice lunch in SF or Napa; finding someplace neat like Cowgirl Creamery to take a tour; a dinner in a dive after a movie.

I don't really want any presents this year--I need to buy new shoes and get my hair done before I go back to work in September, so I basically will buy myself my b-day present.

Anyone have good ideas for a good family b-day activity?

1 comment:

The Sagittarian said...

Get your boys to make you a cake and then have a picnic in the park. We are lucky enough to live near a park and we have a great time just hanging out there as a family! Best wishes.