Saturday, August 11, 2007

Breastfeeding: What Not to Eat

There's lots of tips on what you should eat and drink when you're breastfeeding. But not a lot out there on what *not* to eat so that your baby isn't gassy and cranky all night long.

Here's the start of what I hope is a SHORT list:

What Not to Eat When Breastfeeding
Sauerkraut (made him incredibly gassy)

11/10/07: I've discovered that the Baby is generally gassy and cranky. In the first two months I all but cut from my diet:

and of course, sauerkraut.

Eventually, his dad found that he was better on formula--but only slightly better, and it has to be soy-based.

Now, this Baby is thriving. At 3.5 months, he's about 27 inches and 19.5 pounds. HUGE. He's in 9 month clothing. I've started thinking about feeding him rice cereal, as he's drinking us out of house and home!


Deborah Dowd said...

When I was breastfeeding, I ate almost anything without any real problem with the exception of broccoli (could eat it cooked without incident). I think it is trial and error with each kid!

Fleagirl said...

A lot of people are visiting for a list of what not to eat when breastfeeding. Short of a ton of alcohol (a glass of wine or a little beer is okay...especially if you're having problems relaxing when you're bf'ing)--your baby is going to decide it for you.

I thought the Baby was allergic to dairy-based formulas. He wasn't. It was just the brand we started with. I thought that onions made him gassy. They did--but not Vidalias. And not any more.

Some foods make him cranky. Some make him feel full faster. Some he just hates (green peas).

The one thing I know is that at just under 11 months, he's in 24-month clothing, wearing a size six kiddie shoe, and is too tall for any baby-sized furniture. The kid is thriving. The doctor said, "Let him eat till he tells you he's full." I was afraid he'd eat till he burst. But he really *does* start to spit out food...eventually.

It's all trial and error. Just like the rest of parenthood.