Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Where has it gone...time?

Sigh. Where has the time gone? Here it is, June already. Here it is, almost summer. I had planned to grown many herbs this summer, rather than spending too much at farmer's markets only to have the herbs shrivel and die in my kitchen.

However, I didn't grow any from seeds and so must rely on nurseries. And right now I'm relying on Home Depot (don't all of you throw rotten tomatoes at me) because my nursery is closed before I can ever get to it.

Today the Bug and I recycled baby formula cans, spray painted them sun yellow, and left them to dry in the driveway. Tomorrow we'll punch holes in the bottoms, fill them with dirt, and plant cilantro and basil in them. We also planted pepper plants in big planters in the backyard--poblanos and anaheims. 70 days to maturity! I'm hoping that we haven't over crowded these plants. They seem fine now, but I think they might want more space as they grow, if memory serves me right.

I haven't mentioned the lovely herb stall at the Oakland farmer's market, with the most enthusiastic man selling not just mint but spearmint (yum!), and lovely Thai basil and perfect tarragon and some really interesting cumin leaves. I stuck them in water and wrapped them in a damp tea towel all week. The Bug kept snagging mint leaves (both types) all week long. I realized they'd gone round the bend when I smelled basil on his breath instead last night.

Here it is, almost midnight, and I should be in bed, snoozing. I'll be crabby in the morning.


Anonymous said...

You sound very interesting. I am visiting SF next week with my wife for a conference. We are food lovers, and are looking for the newest great restaurant in SF. We're staing at the Kensington Park (old Elks Club) near Union Sq. We have enjoyed Postrio, Farallons, Hoss Zare's places, and a few others. Can you suggest anything new in the last 2 years since I was there last?

We are from Minnesota, and would prefer seafood while near the ocean.

Wayne Knewtson

Fleagirl said...

I wish I could! It's been a while since I've been to the "next great place." It's been three years since I moved up to the Napa region, and now I just go back to my favorite dives.

Go to Tastyr and plug in seafood. These are people who eat out, often, and are honest and serious about the places they go.