Saturday, September 04, 2010

Excercise Challenge

Guess what? If you exercise more than you eat, you lose weight!

I have a new challenge to kick-start my weight-loss journey. Daily exercise. No more sitting on the couch, growing potatoes on my butt.

It's time to exercise. This week I'll be exercising every day. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But every day.

Today it was extremely hot at 2pm when I went out for my walk. I'd hoped to go for a full hour, but I was afraid I'd get heat stroke. I carried my three-pound weights, wore my Polar Heart Rate Monitor Watch, listened to a new playlist on my iPod that included the Neon Trees and Ke$ha, and had a little bottle of water in my pocket.

Duration: 53 minutes
Calories: 450
Percentage of fat: 40%
Average Heart Rate: 134 (max 158)

I was hot, sweaty and exhausted, but man, did I feel great for it.

I challenge you--can YOU exercise every day this week for at least 20 minutes? I bet you can. Let me know.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't exercise over the weekend and when I did my walking this am, wow, I could really feel a difference. I was thinking to myself "no more taking weekends off."

You had a great workout! Be careful in that heat!! It will be so nice when the weather cools down. Thanks for visiting my blog. I like the idea of a sign in the car to remind me "no eating in the car"