Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Mexican Challenge

Juiceboy and I both love Mexican food. I also enjoy other latino cuisines; true South American restaurants are a real treat for me.

We find ourselves running to the local taqueria way too often. I know gigantic burritos are not healthy for us, just on the shear volume of the food. (What, us, not finish what's on our plates???)

While I've been successful in swapping black beans for refried, and pollo asada (grilled chicken) for carne asada (grilled steak) for ole Juicy, I can't get him off the dairy wagon. the more cheese and sour cream, the better!

I've been getting a black bean and cheese burrito, thinking it was healthier than carnitas, and it probably is. But I watched the cook throw about 87 cups of cheese on top of the burrito, and my heart spasmed. So last night I ordered a *SALAD*. Of course, it came in a fat-fried shell, and had a thick layer refried beans, iceberg lettuce, and another thick layer of a yummy cheese.

Not your Weight Watchers salad.

So my challenge to you: send me your best HEALTHY Mexican recipes. Taste, nutrition and ease of cooking are important. Post them in the comments area here. The winner will receive a package of my favorite tortillas and a California avocado!

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