Monday, June 19, 2006

No Wonder We're Fat!

Last night we sat down to what I thought would be a healthy, homemade dinner. And I realized as I looked over the dishes, it's no wonder we're fat. I'm filling up my family with all the wrong things.

I'd made turkey tacos. And while the substitution of ground turkey for ground beef was a good start, I should have gone farther.

Here's what I made:

Turkey Tacos
(one serving; all measurements approx.)

6oz ground turkey sauteed with taco seasoning
Two corn taco shells, warmed in oven
3 oz Refried beans (fat free)
2 T Chopped romaine lettuce
2 T salsa
3 T cheddar cheese

I'll post the total nutritional content for this later today ( is down), but I'm sure it's not good. Where are my veggies? The tacos felt greasy just coming out of the package. And it just didn't seem like a well rounded meal.

I could have done a very similar meal, but made it salad based, and thrown in lots of veggies, skipped the cheese, and used one taco shell, or chips, for all three of us. And I'd use the salsa as the dressing.

And what did we have for dessert? Ice cream. No wonder Juiceboy felt junky this morning!

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