Saturday, October 21, 2006


I had a big to-do last night for work. Big for us--planned for about 300 people (though less than 200 showed. Sigh.).

The caterers were to bring food for 300. It was $10k worth of food. So what happens to the $3k worth that never came out of the kitchen? It was wheeled back into the van, whisked away. As did some of the wines and beer--which we provided. They took about a case of each with them, far as we can tell.

Not knowing what happens when there's so much left over, I insisted on a visual inventory, and then to be told on what would happen with it. It would be given to charity I was told.

My question is...does the charity thing ever REALLY happen?

I didn't try anything while I was working, but this morning The Bug and I tried some of a small box that I'd made up last night. There was a LOT of bread. Stuff on foccacia, stuff in little rolls, etc. All of the passed items--not there. And supposedly they tossed anything they thought was soggy, like dolmas. (which is the one thing I like.)

I've hired this group for another event in November. How do I tell them, cut all the bread!?

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