Saturday, August 20, 2005

A Fine Start

When a fat family decides to get fit...what happens to flavor? Good cooking? Family dinners? Here's your semi-average California family. Overeaters, reliers-on-pizza, enjoyers of ice cream, consumers of alcohol (the parents, that is).

Fleagirl--that's me--works 55 hours a week and is on the road an additional ten, and knows the location of every drive-through Starbucks on her commute. To unwind, she cooks.

The husband--DH--has been working for a long time to get healthy. He meditates. Practices yoga. Goes on vegetarian binges at least once a year. But we've figured out he consumes 30 pounds of sugar in his tea each year. That's just his tea, folks.

The Bug. He's just a kid. Eight years old. Will happily have soup for dinner or a couple of corn dogs. Will make a breakfast of waffles for breakfast and finish it off with a carrot and some celery. Sulks at salads. Craves meat. Loves fruit. We want to do right by him and start eating well ourselves.

These are the tales of one family, different tastes, different needs. And how we go from Fattening Cooking to Fine Cooking.

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