Saturday, August 20, 2005

Would You Like a Little Thumb with That?

DH sharpened knives this afternoon. I was enjoying the fine edge while I was chopping tomatoes for a delicious no-cook pasta dish. As I was cutting I thought, "It's a wonder I never cut myself while this was so dull" and adjusted my fingers inwards. Just then, chop! Right into the tip of my thumb.

DH and the Bug ended up finishing up cooking dinner, while I "supervised." I really enjoyed them working together with me in the kitchen and hope to do more of the same tomorrow(minus the maiming). We wrapped it up with a great 30-minute walk around the neighborhood, enjoying the rising full moon.

Note about dinner: Marie's Spinach Salad dressing is really strong; a little goes a long way.

No-Cook Pasta Sauce
3 Cups fresh tomatoes, chopped
A bunch of fresh basil, torn by hand
One small clove garlic, pressed (this won't be cooked, so make it a smaller clove)
One cup ricotta
Handful of shredded mozzarella
1/2 C chopped red onion
1/4 C olive oil
salt and pepper
Large pasta such as penne, wagon wheels, rotinni, etc.

Mix everything but the pasta in a large bowl. Cook pasta according to directions; drain. Mix into tomato mixture--serve immediately.

We had spinach salad (spinach, red bell pepper, celery, and red onion) and crusty bread with this. And we added a HUGE clove of garlic--half would have been fine.

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