Monday, July 03, 2006

AKA Sawdust Cake

I can tell you now why banana cakes include sour cream or buttermilk or even, bleck, sour milk: to add moisture. I made a cake today that we were all looking so forward to trying. Honestly, we might be a chubby family, but I rarely bake. And rarely do I bake from scratch.

So, I used a recipe that had only ingredients I had: Chocolate Banana Cake. I'm not printing the version of it that I used (I actually added more butter than the recipe called for), simply because the cake turned out to be the driest cake ever.

Juiceboy asked if it was a trick cake, had I put sawdust in it? It was like those birthday candles that re-light when you blow them out...but with this, it looked like normal cake and then you put your fork in it and it fell into not pieces, but molecules.

If I made it again I'd add a ton of butter and eggs. But then, that wouldn't help this fat family. What if I added more banana? Or applesauce? Would that make a dry cake moist?

Oh, and for the frosting, I made a chocolate glaze, also from a strange recipe. The result was not good, so I monkeyed with it and it was just fine. The original called for brown sugar, cocoa powder, milk and vanilla. I also added corn syrup, butter and some regular unsweetened chocolate. Needless to say, it was much better than the cake itself.

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