Sunday, July 16, 2006

Tomato Hornworms

Yesterday I noticed my tomato plants were starting to look funky. Whole branches had lost their leaves. I didn't think, gee, this must be the work of something BIG, I thought, I must have a ton of tiny little bugs.

After some more searching, I gave a disgusted yelp. A big, disgusting, 4" green caterpillar. And I could hear it chomping away. On further inspection, I found three more. Today, another three. Will I be picking these foul things forever?

I've picked them off, sprayed with organic 3-in-1, but I'm afraid the infestation might be too big. As it is, I know I planted my plants too close to one another, let them over grow, etc. But will these disgusting creatures decimate my crop?

The above image is from I heartily recommend you check out and their blog

A thoroughly creepy site has a RECIPE for eating these bugs.

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