Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Belly Fat Foldover

People come to this site looking for the funniest things. Here's a sample of some of the phrases that have brought readers to my little blog:

  1. zhizhig galnysh: Now I really do have a recipe for zhizhig galnysh on my blog. Someone in Kampong Batu Tiga Suku, Malaysia Googled this recipe, and once they found it, didn't want it.
  2. tuscan potato salad: lots of folks looking for tuscan potato salad. If you don't like my recipe, here's another: Oh. Wait. Epicurious doesn't have one. Neither does FoodNetwork. Neither does Weight Watchers. Guess you're stuck with mine.
  3. how to make icing out of regular butter: So this means you don't want royal icing. You don't want cream cheese icing. You don't want fondant. You want good, old fashioned cup cake icing. Okay.
  4. organic prarie: Spelled wrong, but they got here. I guess I should edit my own spelling mistakes, huh? This is for Organic Prairie Ground Beef. Here's their link and here are my thoughts.
  5. what to do with fresh coconut: okay, so I never cracked open my coconut and all the milk dried up and Juiceboy threw it away. Once a year I buy a coconut, and then it sits in the fruit bowl for two months and Juiceboy throws it away. Please, please, someone give me advice on what to do with fresh coconut!
  6. how to sweeten unsweetened chocolate: um...you melt it in a double boiler and mix it with sugar. Or corn syrup. Adding a little butter helps too. Really, it's better to figure out what you want to make with the unsweetened chocolate, and then look for that recipe.

Pollo Asada

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts. (I use the big frozen ones from Safeway and defrost them in the microwave)
Your favorite marinade. (If you're short on time, use a powdered one, like the McCormick "Zesty Herb" one. I watch for them to go on sale and buy a bunch when they are under seventy-five cents).

Throw the chicken breasts into a glass or ceramic dish, then toss the marinade on top. Cover and refrigerate. Go for a swim in the pool, or run through the sprinkler. Go inside for a glass of wine, and turn the chicken over. Start your barbeque (I prefer hardwood charcoal, not briquettes, and I use a chimney, no lighter fluid. Fluid leaves a yucky flavor.). Go for another swim. Finish your wine. After 20 minutes your charcoal should be ready. Clean & prep your grill--when it's hot, brush with olive oil. For god's sake, don't spray it with PAM--you'll blow yourself up! Get your chicken, throw it on. Once it's nicely browned on the first side, flip it. Test for doneness. Yum.

Okay. So I'll post a marinade recipe later. Gimme a break. That's really what we had on Saturday, with salad and rice. It was good. My mother ate the leftover chicken cold while she was floating around the pool Sunday afternoon.

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