Sunday, July 02, 2006

"My Fridge Is Empty" Frosting?

I'm in the middle of baking a banana cake--one without nuts or sour cream. (Why is it every recipe out there wants bakers to use sour cream, sour milk (bleck!) or buttermilk??)

It's a chocolate banana cake and the batter was thick, thicker than brownies. I'm a little worried that the measurements on the recipe I found on the internet were off.

So, if it all works out, this should be a cake that needs a bit of frosting. It's got brown sugar in it, but not enough to completely sweeten the unsweetened chocolate in it.

My problem is, I used my last two "real" eggs (I've got plenty of healthy egg-in-a-carton) and my powdered sugar tastes like someone's foot. Does powdered sugar go stale? Especially after two years?

I've got butter, granulated sugar, 1% milk, brown sugar, vanilla, some old cream cheese, two cans of condensed milk, and a package of instant vanilla pudding. Any chance I can make icing out of that?

I don't think so either.

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