Saturday, November 11, 2006

Scotch Broth

I've worked about 87 billion hours this week, shoring up Juiceboy and the Bug with lamb; black bean stew; and various leftovers from catered events.

Today is Saturday and I've finally had a chance to survey the fridge. I think they had one meal of each, and then opened cans of soup. JEEZ.

Since they like soup so much, I've decided to make scotch broth with the leftover lamb and stick it in the freezer for future crazy weeks. I think it's interesting that I can't find one recipe that isn't a) bland as water; b) incredibly strange (Emerille Lagasse is pushing a version with whiskey and blue cheese).

Over at Epicurious, the sole recipe for Scotch Broth has the following intro from the author:

" brother and I nicknamed "Witches' Brew." I've hated it for as long as I
can remember. I didn't start eating soup again until I was in my late 20s, and I
still dislike stewed meat and cooked carrots. I blame it all on Scotch Broth."

Mmmmm. Sounds like it's going to be a great recipe, huh?

Sure enough, it includes stewed meat and about six carrots.

So off I go to update the traditional scotch broth recipe into a delightful dish! Any tips?


Bon Vivant said...

Right now I'm looking for a fab recipe for borscht. I've come to realize that there are as many recipes for borscht as there are cooks; how do I know which one is killer? I've been relying on instinct and I think I found the perfect recipe in an old Michael Fields' cookbook.

Mary deB said...

Once I learned that Scotch Broth had mutton in it, that was the end of that.

Fleagirl from California said...

But isn't mutton just toddler sheep, instead of baby sheep? I made some tonight and tasted it, and I think my lamb was on the edge of being a toddler. It's a really gamey tasting soup.

Sigh. Another one for the trash bin.